Our fascination with motorcycle racing

A universe where you experience the ultimate sense of adventure, where you are hypnotized by the sound of competition and the smell of victory, this is the magic world of motorcycle racing. No matter if you are driving or just watch the race, you’ll still be fascinated with the atmosphere charged with adrenaline which will make you want to come back every time for another start.

But behind this beautiful image we all know that racing is quite controversial as it involves a lot of danger, some people having explicitly expressed their disagreement. And still, why so many people choose to race? The truth is that we like to take risks. It’s the danger itself that is actually attracting us, along with the fulfillment of our vanity needs and the chance to expose our powerful self. To put it differently, the spirit of competition makes us feel special for a few moments, and we like that.

Motorcycle is for everyone

If in the past the majority of those passionate about motorcycle racing were men, today the audience represented by women is nearly at the same percentage. Women love everything, from the sexy racing outfit that is usually worn by an escort to the most sophisticated technical details. And not only the sexy outfits are present but many London escorts too who like to race during their free time. Yes, you might share the same hobby with an escort, who is actually a beautiful lady who offers her company to gentlemen.

During the racing, London escorts from http://uk.eros.com/england/london/ are like everyone else, they are there to hit the gas and win the competition. It’s true though that men will admire their bronzed body with perfect shapes, their wavy hair and the enthusiasm they are spreading. Men choose their company because of their friendly and adventurous attitude, most of the escorts having an open minded approach. It is known that escorts like to enjoy life so, besides motorcycle racing, they like to attend the luxurious parties taking place on expensive beaches where they are admired.

So this kind of event gathers everyone. This is why in UK motorcycle racing is among the top hobbies, the fans preparing for every race with long time before it begins. A recent study has shown that the hottest wheels you should drive to win are Porche 919, Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid and VW Polo R WRC. As for the best motorcycle, the results recommend Yamaha M1, Kawasaki ZX-10R or MV Agusta F3. But beyond the brand you are driving it’s your ability to speak the language of your motorcycle.

We’re about to cross the finish line and for many of us motorcycle racing remains the favorite way of escaping and expressing our true nature, a way of finding happiness. It’s like a glamorous parade, where everyone is felling like a top model. Ultimately, the fascination with motorcycle racing comes from the high levels of energy, intuition and action involved- the perfect recipe of feeling alive.